An honest review of Marketing impact Live

What can I say about Marketing Impact Academy Live?

It is the place to mix learning business with fun, specifically dancing! Even if you are not much of a dancer I’m sure you will be swaying along with everyone else by the end of the event. The environment is so fun and friendly that you just feel free to do your own thing.

Chalene is serious about putting what you learn into action. That is something that I LOVED about this event. We would learn something and then she would give us time to think about and write how we can implement it into our business. The greatest thing about this is you are in a room full of business owners. When you brainstorm with someone else they usually have the answer to what you are struggling with. I heard it over and over again all weekend, “I wasn’t sure how to apply the teaching to my business, but when someone asked me about their business I had all the ideas!” It was the people around me that helped me have my biggest breakthroughs.  We are too close to our businesses and need an outside perspective. We can also give that to others.  That is exactly what happens at Marketing Impact Live.

Would I recommend MIA Live to others?

The short answer: Yes!

The environment is truly amazing. Everyone there is happy to help each other out. The biggest breakthroughs come from the relationships you build. So if you plan to just put your head down and get to work on the lessons you will miss so much! Interact with the people around you and the magic will ignite. Stay in touch with the people you meet at MIA and the magic never has to stop!

Is VIP worth the cost?

If you are just getting started in your business (as in you aren’t even sure what your business is) I would say wait on your vip ticket. Otherwise, VIP is the way to go! You get to have two VIP lunches that give you the opportunity to ask Chalene and Bret your questions about your individual business*.  There was also at least one morning Q&A. There is a VIP dance party where you are sure to make more amazing connections on & off the dance floor.

When my husband asked me was it worth the money I said it’s worth it just because of the connections you make. You are spending extra time with people serious and passionate enough about their business to make a real investment. This means they probably know a bit about business and are great people to bounce ideas off of. I also loved sitting in the front row so I can stay laser-focused. I’m easily distracted and when you are sitting right in the front it’s so much easier to be immersed in the lesson. Another thing about being in the front row is they are way more likely to answer your questions. They can see you and you are more likely to get picked.

I have to also mention you get a VIP bag which includes some cool things. I enjoyed it, but when you ask, “Am I getting my money’s worth” I look at the things that are going to move my business forward.

* be brief and ask a question. The person answering your question will ask if they need more details. A long backstory is frustrating to the many people who want to ask their questions as well.

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