Pro Therapy

Some people have a stigma against therapy.

I see it in tv shows and real life. Well I’m here to say that my family is 100% pro therapy! It warmed my heart to see my 4 year old teach her younger cousin about the methods she learned to manage her anger. Even when they were playing make believe my daughter pretended she was going to therapy. I will say counseling isn’t cheap but it is SO WORTH IT!!!! My husband and I have individual sessions and a family session. My daughter sees a play therapist. (Let me tell you that is an area to pursue as a career because it was really hard to find one with an opening.) We are working on building a solid foundation in our family and that is priceless!

My sister tells me that Massachusetts is pro therapy and it is ridiculous to try and find a counselor there because they are all booked up. I’m glad that it isn’t too hard to find a good therapist here but I think everyone should know how amazing it is to work with one. I know if we had started counseling earlier in our marriage things would have gone much smoother. Learning to bridge our gaps in personality, communication styles, etc. , etc., is starting to make me feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I’m not saying therapy is a magic pill but the skills you will learn can cause amazing changes in your life.

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