Halloween in Greenfield Village

Come to Halloween in Greenfield Village and enjoy trick or treating along a path lit by 1,000 hand carved Jack ‘O Lanterns!

My daughter loved the Jack ‘O Lanterns as you can see in the video above.

There are so many characters to visit while you trick or treat!

Visit the witch at her broom shop and have your picture taken.

Enter the spooky woods and encounter some strange creatures.

The Jack ‘O Lantern Tree was really cool. I tried to get my daughter to pose for a picture in front of it but that was a no go.

There are also a few shows along the way.

If you are going with small children just be aware there are some things along the path that might really freak them out:

The ghost bride sounds like a demon

the headless horseman (easy enough to run past without really seeing him)

a grim reaper

the man claiming there is a monster under his bed (he is a fun actor but he is kind of hard to avoid)

Overall I would say this is a great Halloween experience for the whole family!


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