Mad Hatter’s Tea

My friends and I are a bunch of characters.

In honor of Mad Hatter Day I want to share about my bridal shower that was a mad hatter’s tea party.

I played the Queen of Hearts.

My bestie aka the white rabbit

Of course Ali played Alice

Heather played the cards

My Aunt Pam played the Mad Hatter because she is epic!

Check out the gift table!

We made most of the gifts ourselves. We also bought mad hatter’s tea which you can find by clicking this link> go to It’s the only thing we bought that didn’t need to be spruced up.

Everyone who wore a hat was gifted a candle we bought from the dollar store. It was adorned with a baggie and a bow.

My new mom and sisters

Queen of Hearts flower bouquet- We used heart cookie cutters to shape the strawberry centers of the pineapple flowers.

We also made cookie bouquets. It was really easy. We had images printed on rice paper.

Then we frosted the cookies and stuck the pictures on top. Make sure when you attach the cookies to bamboo skewers that you use royal icing that hardens like a rock.

They made for very inexpensive but highly desirable gifts!

We hit up all the thrift stores collecting tea cups and saucers. We filled them with tea bags and dolled them up a bit.

We adorned some wine with flowers and ribbons.

Some of my Aunts said they were going to ID the girls who won the wine because that is what they wanted to win! LOL they were old enough to drink.

We played Musical Hats. I picked up a bunch of different colored children’s hats at the dollar store.

We played the Alice in Wonderland CD and when it stopped we would call out a hat color to win a prize.

Everyone had a good time.

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