An honest review of Nicole Walter’s 1k1day

My mentor is about to launch the fourth cycle of her popular course 1k1day.


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I wanted to share my honest review of the course with you. First I’ll give you a summary of the course and then if you want to read the more detailed account of my journey you can read that too. Lets jump in.


A. $1K1Day Academy is designed to help business owners accomplish two things:

1. Form a winning mindset

2. Build multiple online income streams

B. The academy works best for these types of students:

1. Students who have a business idea they’ve yet to put into action

2. Students who have a business idea they’ve been working on, but are having trouble monetizing

3. Students that have a functioning business and want to increase its growth and forward momentum

4. Students who have a unique skill or niche area of expertise that they wish to turn into a product (This is where I was at when I joined.)


• Students immediately get plugged into a mastermind network of Richfriends. • Students can submit questions about their business 24/7 and get advice and direction from the Richfriend community. • $1K1Day provides a concrete formula on how to structure your business in order to position yourself to earn $1K each day. • There are quantifiable actionable tasks and assignments in the academy that yield immediate results. • Milestones and live calls are included in the teaching schedule so that students are motivated to stay on pace and complete the course. • $1K1Day teaches you how to go about making digital products. • You learn the monetized mindset, and you start to understand what to monetize and how to monetize it. • There’s lots of education around how much to charge and how to value the services you offer.

Everyones journey will be different. It all depends on where you are at in your life, mindset, business, etc.


First let me start off by saying I am not tech savvy (at all!). I spent FOREVER on the second pre work assignment. I’m a perfectionist. Since I have no tech skills to speak of, it held me back for a little bit. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish and it just wasn’t happening. It was frustrating. I finally caved and asked my husband who works in IT to help me. I got it done and moved on to module 1. (P.S. Nicole has updated the process to make it go smoother since I took 1k1day).

Nicole breaks monetization down and makes the process easy to understand and implement. I loved module 1 and 2. I was no longer getting frustrated. There were no technical barriers any more. I knew how to implement the systems she was teaching us. My only hang up at that time was that I wasn’t sure how I wanted my business to work. I knew I was a photographer but I didn’t know much else about what I wanted to do. It’s kind of hard to sell something when you can’t put a label on it.

When I finished the third and final module it was time to sing, “A whole new world”. Nicole opened my mind to so many possibilities for making money. After I finished the class I got my llc and began working on defining what I wanted my business to be. This was all stuff I had to figure out on my own. No one could really help me get anywhere until I decided what I wanted. I’m happy to report I’ve finally figured it out. I just recently finished going through 1k1day a second time. (Once you buy the course you own it. You can revisit the lessons as much as you like.) I finally have a clear vision of what I want and how I can incorporate everything that Nicole has taught me. I’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

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